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You Can't Fake SEO Content Anymore

Search Engine Optimization is a hilarious thing to type into the internet. People go bananas analyzing why it's so important, how you can improve it, tips and tricks, and oh god --- now it's even more important than when I began this sentence! Every author of every article is an expert and you better listen up or you're business is going to fail and it's all your fault. You know, typical feel good stuff.

This SEO writer in Delray Beach, Florida (see what I did there?) is not an expert. Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm not an SEO expert.

Everyone: "Hi, Lauren".

If you're still reading, thanks for being a part of my group meeting. Together, we're going to get through this. I accept that I'm learning more and more about how SEO works every day, and keeping up with the changes is actually pretty fascinating. The fact that the advances to how search engines rank their results also benefit me is just a bonus.

For example, Google has made some serious moves to tighten up their algorithms. Easy tricks to improve SEO such as keyword stuffing or offering content that is low quality & without value but with a splattering of interjected links all over it, doesn't cut it anymore. Content must be useful, helpful or at least informative. In other words, Google decided to make people try. Which people hate.

They've gone even further than that failsafe by taking into consideration real speech patterns as more and more people use voice search options when available. Long and short tail keywords may differ when talking to Siri or Alexa because of their common anthropomorphization. The same way we ask Siri her favorite color or throw unneeded shade when she is unhelpful is the same reason why we may ask them, "Hey Siri, what's Delray's best pizza place?" instead of typing the keywords, "best pizza Delray". The answer is, of course, Sazio by the way.

In the end, great content is not only necessary for SEO optimization, but you can actually get in big trouble if you have thin content. That is why I'm glad you've found me. I can take care of that for you. I won't go on and on, but I'm pretty darn good at it, so let's get started and rock this out together.

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