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Get Your Shit Together, People.

We gave him our money, we bought the T-shirts, pinned the pins and stuck the stickers. We even attended a rally just so we could shake hands with that ridiculously capable dreamboat known as Mayor Pete. But after Iowa & New Hampshire, I was all about Klobuchar. I'd loved her since her speech made me cry with hope while announcing her candidacy in the snow.

Then South Carolina happened.

That night, I was decreeing to an audience of a single human and one dog - neither of whom were listening - that if those two candidates would just dip out and endorse Biden, the threat of Sanders being the Democratic Candidate for President in 2020 would be over.

That's why I still support the crap out of Amy & Pete for putting their egos aside and being realistic. They knew that this wasn't their year, so they did the honorable thing by bowing out. In doing so, they proved that they actually care more about getting Trump out of office than themselves ascending to power. They're also some of the smartest candidates to grace any public lectern or debate stage since intellectualism somehow became offensive.

Joe, Amy and Pete's voters have represented well over half of the current Democratic Party and a vast majority of Independents - in addition to support from more Republicans than anyone would have believed possible before Trump devoured the party. Many of these voters never had any intention of supporting a candidate who is extremely progressive, far-left liberal, or unabashedly female.

I've wished Elizabeth Warren was president for years before Trump even stood on the escalator that day. But watching as he desecrates the dignity of the office while his comrades slowly unravel the experiment of democracy that our forefathers created?

No, this is too important. We're a young country and need to stop acting like bratty kids that didn't get their way. There's no measurement for how delicate our situation is, and this administration is proving that even our forefathers couldn't have anticipated a president that gets away with ignoring the rule of law, steamrolling the balance of powers and not even just being a fucking gentleman.

This is serious, and I don't take it lightly. Massachusetts is at least as famous for founding the country as it is for hanging witches that have dared to talk or know things... or just maybe punishing her because she was a fighter who had a plan for everything except floating while insurmountable weights pulled her to the bottom and drown. Is this really any different?

The revolution can wait a couple years. It sucks that we need another old white guy to fix things, but that's all we got and one is less scary to a lot of people for the time being.

The pendulum of ideas in this country has been shifting back and forth so extremely and violently that a middle man is the best option right now. The left and right have swung so far to either direction that we can barely see the other side anymore, never mind attempt to hear each other.

Priority #1 is getting Trump out of office, and no matter what love affairs I've had with other candidates, Uncle Joe has the best bet by the numbers, hands down. I would say that you should check the polls if you don't believe me, but polls telling us that Trump can't win the presidency is what got us into this shit storm in the first place. So, please go vote no matter how you feel, no matter how disappointed you are. The primary hopeful who you didn't want to win the primaries is without a doubt better than the daily horror we're currently witnessing in the White House. When he bothers to be there.

The revolution can wait, because you can't start one if you elect a king again.

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