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For Web Development Companies

As beautiful a website you create for your client, without good content, you haven’t made a great website. I know it’s often difficult to get those precious words out of your clients, but by offering web content as a service, I will make it all the easier.  Fear not! After a quick chat, I can provide all the content you need. While this will provide more value to your customers, it also serves as an easy markup. If you're into that. 

For Creative Agencies

No matter the size of your marketing or branding company, it doesn’t always make sense to have a copywriter on your staff full-time. But that’s okay when you do have a go-to writer you can trust to provide innovative and creative writing at your fingertips. I will be your in-house writer who happens to be right outside. Except if it's raining, then I would like to come in, please.

For Businesses & Individuals

Words are everywhere; you’re reading them right now! Yes, I used a semicolon there, and no, no one likes them. I never will again. We can’t get away from the written word, it’s just a matter of how you want it to reflect yourself or your business to the world. Whether you need original content, editing or ghostwriting, I can help you get the quality you need in the tone you want it. Your words are often the first impression you present, and can often make or break what you are trying to achieve. Let's make them the best.

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What is SEO Content?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content is a really fancy name for simply wanting to be higher up on the list when someone Googles something you or company does, has or sells. Essentially, the more times your web site, online store or blog mentions the keywords they searched for, the higher your business is likely to appear on the list. SEO content generally expands on the pre-existing content your website already has to improve your Google ranking. Not only can I provide quality SEO content for your website quickly, but it’s one of the simplest ways to grow your business with immediate results.

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